New years eve

Hello everyone… I am 18 years old. I am new to this app and have so much things to learn yet so feel free to give me any advice.

First of all, happy new year to every single one of you. I had no plans for new year’s eve i thought i’d just stay at the apartment and enjoy a great time of solitude and rewatch an episode of sherlock to get more excited about watching the season 4. But that didn’t happen, i got a call from a friend and he said to me ‘we are going to hangout at C.G road a lots of people will be there’ and following with a question ‘are you coming with us?’ I asked ‘who else is with you?’. There were total four of them, one was his twin brother and other was their cousin they are good friends with me. but the fourth one was their uncle, i was surely going until i heard that their uncle was coming, who got me to second thoughts but i went anyway i wanted to experience something new. I had never gone out on new years eve before last night. Every year i just sat at home with family and watched award shows. But this time was totally different.

We parked our vehicles at a vacant spot and it was like 11:37 when we reached there. There were lots of people in the surroundings of the cross road. We went across the road and walked in the blocked road, which was kept restricted of vehicles and only pedestrians were allowed. The crowd was acting madly. Many boys were wearing masks. Some were constantly honking the toy horn making bizzare sounds, there was a cacophony. As we walked forward i was getting more and more psyched. A Horde of people was walking ahead of us and the same thing on the other side of the divider. It was like there was an alien invasion and people were evacuating the city and heading towards other. Like war of the worlds when everyone is making a run for boston. Except that people were celebrating it and there was decorations, fancy lights and fireworks. i wanted to take a snap of the scenario but my cell phone was switched off due to low battery and my friends didnt have a mobile with good quality camera. I was not going to ask that uncle of theirs to give me his phone, he was not so friendly and Those three friends were not fond of sharing or taking pictures.

The clock hit 12 in the night and it was the year 2017. A guy had lit a bursts-in-the-sky-firecracker and timed it like it would burst in the sky precisely when the countdown ends. But the funny thing is the powder wire extinguished , i dont know , maybe it was a low quality bomb.

I was saying happy new year to the guys and shaking hands. when i brought my hand forward to shake hands with my friend’s uncle, his hands were in the pockets of his jacket, he didnt even smile or replied happy new year or shook hands. I kept my hand still for like 8 seconds. It was a SNAFU.

There were some real beautiful girls in the crowd too, dressed very properly , you know , exhibit A. Okay so we roamed around for a while and then took off.after a long walk with three friends and a strange man, I went back to the apartment and watched sherlock anyway, the episode was the empty hearse . The next day was sunday so who cares when i sleep.

So it was My First blog post, peace out hombrés.



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