The feeling of triumph

everyone needs the feeling of great success or achievement. What this feeling does is that it brings joy and peace.

To initiate this feeling, we dont necessarily need to accomplish big goals, it can also be triggered with the small things that we like to do, such as hobbies.

One of my hobbies is climbing. Climbing anything and everything. In the rooftop of our building, there’s an upside-down L shaped concrete post like a horizontal beam with the support of a column, which is designed for the support of a swing. But there’s no swing, the space is empty. The post is connected to another small roof, there is no other way to go to the roof except by climbing the concrete post. Well of course I can bring a ladder and go up there easily, but if i do that it’ll be cheating. Climbing the beam was a challenge for me. Whenever I went to the roof, I’d stand there and  think if i can make the climb or not and end up not trying because of the fear of falling.

Last sunday, In the evening, I went up there with my flatmates for flying kites, cause it’s the kiteflying season in india. I was psyched that day for no reason. While we were going up the stairs I decided that I’ll do it today. Adrenaline was surging through my body, i was ready for it like an adrenaline junkie. The post was approximately 7.0 ft high or more and my height is 5.9 ft. I went for the middle part of the post right above of the empty space for the swing. Made the leap and clutched the edge of the horizontal beam. Then pulling myself up i managed to bring my right leg on the beam and then gripped the edge on the other side with one hand and then with the other. Certainly it was hard and i got some small bruises but I did it. I had an amazing feeling of happiness, The feeling of triumph. 

 Just like this, people get the same sensation like When you are watching a movie and the villian gets defeated, when you are playing a videogame and you complete a major hard mission, while watching Game of thrones , at the end of episodes, when daenerys targaryen comes up with a shocking twist and the ominous music hits in the background, when you complete a deadline just before it ends, when you achieve something that makes you happy. Dopamine floods our brain, the adrenaline rush that we feel is ineffable.

The thing i am trying to say is, if you want to do something and its a challenge for you, that it frightens you with what its consequences will be, don’t think about it, just go for it. You’ll know that you are capable of doing it.

Be reckless. Be dauntless. Let everything go. Take risks and just do it. 

When it’s done, trust me, you’ll feel wonderful. The feeling of triumph will surround you.



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